AI is not Just about Fantastic Movies; It’s about Some World-class CRM Too!

Yes, you read that right! AI is not something that only Spielberg made millions with, it is something that businesses are using to bring about a better CRM setup in place. That’s no exaggeration, my friend. Today, the best of enterprises use customer service software based on AI, and run by it to a large extent.

Any business that has a website, today needs to have in place a 24*7 customer care support. That being absent can cost your business a lot of customers. Live chat is one of the most popular and sturdiest methods of round-the-clock CRM. So, are your customer care executives working 24*7? Does your process never shut down?

If that is the case, the path is never easy because when most people think of CRM, they think frustration. While it relies so heavily upon the a human’s caliber to handle a client, an AI chatbot has an intelligence of its own that is suited to the specific purpose of handling client queries without emotions like anger.

The fact of the matter is that it can do so much for your customer relationships that can up your business by leaps and bounds, since customer is all that does and should matter today. So, let’s explore.

Why AI Matters for Customer Care Software

Above the Usual Human Frustration


So many businesses admit that customer care is one tricky part to handle, and one that often elicit a lot of anger and bad reviews from the customers. If you chose the right chatbot for live chat with customers, you can turn the situation on your favor. It will allow interaction that is not only specialized but also greatly personalized. The technology behind such bots is very advanced and with time it is going to be extremely difficult, in fact, impossible to actually tell if it a human or a bot that is interacting on the other end of the line.

Avoiding Overloaded Calling Lines


Call center take a respite from this. With the tight targets of winding up calls in a minute or two, how far is it possible to cater to the customers up to their satisfaction? If you are using an AI chatbot, that’s a big burden off the call center’s back. So, what you get is better efficiency and even better customer service. The customers’ calls don’t need to be put on hold for minutes and then having them irate.

Beyond Calls and Emails


Artificial Intelligence in CRM has ushered in variety. Where the only practical means of communication between businesses and clients used to be calling and emails, the horizon has now expanded with AI. With applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, communication has newer, trendier facets. There has been a radical change, and AI is both, the cause and the effect of it.

So, customer service software will not only have you covered when you want to reach more and more people from your customer base (existing and potential) but also create avenues for more of such communication platforms.


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