Artificial Intelligence – Transforming Customer Service Experience

From mobile phones to self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is making a mark in this fast-paced world. People call it human-like robots with some characteristics that encompass anything from Google’s search. Artificial intelligence customer service is also known as narrow AI, which performs tasks such as internet searches, facial recognition, etc. However, the motive of researchers is to create a strong AI that performs many functions that even include the cognitive task of human beings.

The benefits of AI technologies are that it magnificently transforms customer service along with reducing the overall operation cost and meeting customer expectations effectively. This technique is a machine-centric and human-centric intelligence, resulting in business agility, resilience and operational excellence. The major giant like Google is also using the AI for better customer service.

Below are some benefits of AI:

Supporting Customer-Behavior


Most people look for self-service instead preferring to speak to a human customer representative. Thanks to AI, the most common queries can be handled by it as before they reach customers, humans get to know what they are looking for. Companies can even enhance a better customer support environment by providing digital solutions that can proactively predict customer need and offer it to their customer before they even need it. Companies such as BetterBill offer a single-click interface for its customer to pay mobile and gas bill.

Using Customer Analytics with AI  


Customer analytics offer a detail of the customer including individual preferences, buying patterns, demographic data, and other useful data. Based on this data, businesses can offer a personalized service to a customer with the help of artificial intelligence customer service. This system also helps in identifying issues and correlated them at multiple platforms to provide better solutions.

The technology is beneficial as it helps in customer emotions, concerns and intentions, which essentially builds customer satisfaction level.

Cost Reduction

Cost Benefit Analysis Concept with Target Pin Marker

Companies that put efforts to maintain their customer service tend to grab a successful position the market. To achieve a better relationship, companies invest in advanced analytic solutions that influence customer decision. With this technology, companies understand the next best action and generate additional revenues. Gaining knowledge of customer behavior and pattern, it is easy to grab new opportunities for growth.

These factors result in improving the overall revenue of the business and reduce the cost of the business. While adding a high level of satisfaction to customers, both the customer and customer service agents remain content.

Empowers Customer Agents


A crucial concern is whether AI will replace customer agents or not? This system is efficient in resolving customer queries but also helps in creating better suggestions in customer’s profile.

Indubitably, it is true that artificial intelligence customer support is doing exception job despite few errors. Recently, Amazon opened ‘Amazon Connect’ a cloud-based customer service that allows enterprise set up your own support operation with onboard agents. This sophisticated system is providing excellent service that scales solutions to customer efficiently.

AI is transforming the customer service experience like never before.



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